The Five Books of Moses (Chumash) is so essential to Jewish thought and practice, yet sometimes it's hard to get a grasp on the most basic and essential concepts.

This course provides intermediate-level students with an overview and understanding of the 22 central themes and events that appear in the Chumash.

Each of the 22 segments features a dynamic essay, plus a 3-minute video presentation. The essays can be read online, or printed in a beautiful PDF format.

Sample class

Benefits and features:

  • explore key biblical events and personalities
  • thought-provoking questions on how to understand enigmatic Torah verses and accounts
  • suggestions for integrating the teachings into everyday life
  • be exposed to classical biblical commentaries
  • self-paced, easy-to-use modules gives you complete control over your learning schedule

Do you want to get a good grasp on the "best-seller of all-time"? Chumash Themes is a great way to get there.


Rabbi Zave Rudman – text segments

Rabbi Zave Rudman has 25 years of experience teaching Chumash and other Torah topics. He recently published a new edition of Sfas Emes -- a classic work of chassidic thought -- with his own footnotes and commentary. He lives in Jerusalem with wife, children and four grandchildren down the block.

Rabbi Noson Weisz – text segments

While studying at the famed yeshivas of Chaim Berlin, Lakewood and the Mir in Jerusalem, Rabbi Noson Weisz also received a degree in Microbiology from the University of Toronto, MA in Political Science at the New School for Social Research and his LLB from the University of Toronto. Rabbi Weisz is currently a senior lecturer at Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Avraham Goldhar – Crash Course Videos

Rabbi Avraham Goldhar has amazed audiences around the world with his ability to break down and simplify complex subject matter. He is the founder of the Goldhar School, home of the Fastest Jewish Education on Earth. He trains students, teachers and professionals in his breakthrough methods to help them achieve greater academic success. For more information, visit goldharschool.com.

Rabbi Eytan Feiner – video segments

Rabbi Eytan Feiner is a former senior lecturer at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem and currently serves as Rabbi of the "White Shul" of Far Rockaway, NY. He holds Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Touro College, as well as a degree in counseling. His lively and erudite style has made him a popular international speaker.


  1. Introduction to the Chumash

Book of Genesis (Bereishit)

  1. The Purpose of Creation
  2. In the Garden of Eden - see sample class
  3. Noah's Flood
  4. God's Covenant with Abraham
  5. The Binding of Isaac
  6. The Jacob-Esav Rivalry
  7. The Story of Joseph

Book of Exodus (Shmot)

  1. Moses: Prophet and Leader
  2. The Ten Plagues
  3. Splitting of the Sea
  4. The Ten Commandments
  5. The Golden Calf
  6. The Tabernacle

Book of Leviticus (Vayikra)

  1. Understanding Korbanot
  2. Holiness & Love Your Neighbor
  3. The Jewish Festivals

Book of Numbers (Bamidbar)

  1. Sin of the Spies
  2. Korach's Rebellion
  3. The Balak-Bilam Duo

Book of Deuteronomy (Devarim)

  1. Wars of the Jews
  2. Tochacha and Teshuva
  3. Transfer of Leadership

Sample class
Key features:
  • 22 central themes explored
  • 22 video presentations
  • Thought-provoking questions and insights
  • Practical applications to everyday life
  • Beautiful PDF printout of each class

Comprehensive online curriculum explores:
  • Key biblical events
  • Key biblical personalities
  • Key biblical commentaries

Self-paced, easy-to-use modules:
  • Gives you complete control over your learning schedule
  • Makes it easy to absorb new concepts and information
  • By popular and experienced educators

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