p'sak -- halachic ruling

p'shat -- straightforward literal meaning of a passage

pareve -- food that is neither meaty nor milky -- e.g. vegetables

parnassa -- livelihood

parsha -- the weekly Torah portion

Passover -- springtime holiday commemorating the Exodus from Egypt

Pat Haba B'Kisnin (Pas) -- grain foods generally eaten as a snack, such as cakes and crackers

patur -- exempt from an obligation

Perushim -- Pharisees

Pesach -- springtime holiday commemorating the Exodus from Egypt

pesolet (pesoles) -- garbage; the unwanted material

Pesukei Dizimra -- Psalms recited at the beginning of the Shacharit morning service

peyot (peyos) -- sidelocks, worn in enhancement of the Torah prohibition against cutting the hair of the temples (Lev. 19:27)

Pidyon HaBen -- redemption of the first born, taking place at least 30 days after birth

pikuach nefesh -- a matter of life and death; usually in context of special permission to break Shabbat or other mitzvot

Pirkei Avot (Avos) -- lit.: Chapters of the Fathers; the Talmudic tractate which contains ethical teachings

posek -- an authority on Jewish law who issues halachic decisions

poskim -- authorities on Jewish law who issue halachic decisions

posuk -- a verse in the Bible

potzaya -- un-weaving; one of the 39 primary categories of forbidden Shabbat activity

Pri Megadim -- classic commentary to the Shulchan Aruch, authored by Rabbi Yosef ben Meir Teomim (1727-1792)

Priestly Blessing -- blessing recited by the Kohanim every day, as per Numbers 6:22-27

psik reisha -- it is forbidden to do an 'unintentional' action that inevitably results in a melachah

public fast days -- introduced by the prophets in ancient times, as days of national introspection

Purim -- festive day in month of Adar, celebrating the dramatic turn-around of events in Persia 2,300 years ago, when tremendous Divine providence -- channeled through Esther and Mordechai -- saved the Jewish people from Haman’s decree of annihilation

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