h''v -- abbreviation for Chas v’Shalom, meaning “God forbid”

Ha'adama -- shorthand name of blessing recited before eating vegetables

Ha'aitz -- shorthand name of blessing recited before eating fruits

Ha'gafen -- shorthand name of blessing recited before drinking wine or grape juice

hach'nasat orchim (hach'nasas) -- lit.: welcoming guests; the special mitzvah of hospitality

Haftorah -- selection from the book of prophets read after a public Torah reading

hagbah -- the honor of lifting the Torah for all to see, following the completion of a public Torah reading

Haggadah -- lit.: telling; book that is read at the Passover Seder

HaGomel -- blessing recited upon being spared from a dangerous situation -- e.g. completion of an overseas journey land, recovery from major illness, and being released from captivity

HaKadosh Baruch Hu -- he Holy One, Blessed is He

hakarat hatov -- lit.: recognizing the good; gratitude

halacha -- lit.: path; Jewish law

Hallel -- special prayers of praise recited on festivals and Rosh Chodesh

hamentashen -- triangular cookies eaten on Purim; said to resemble the shape of Haman's ears

Hamotzee -- shorthand name of blessing recited before eating bread

Hashem -- lit.: the Name; common way to refer to God

hashgacha -- ritual supervision; most often used in terms of kashrut

hashkafa -- lit.: outlook; the Torah viewpoint on any particular issue

Hatikvah -- lit.: “the hope”; the Israeli national anthem

hatmana -- the rabbinic prohibition of insulating a food to keep it warm

Havdallah -- series of blessings recited at the end of Shabbat and holidays, marking a distinction between the holy day and the regular weekday

hechsher -- kosher certification

hesech hada'at (hada'as) -- lit.: removing your thoughts; decision to stop eating a meal or snack

hesped -- eulogy

heter -- lit.: permission; a rabbinic ruling that permits something

hiddur mitzvah -- performing a mitzvah in the optimal way, and/or enhancing the esthetic aspect of a mitzvah

hitpa'alut -- (colloquially, his'pie'lus) a form of Jewish meditation

Hy''d -- abbreviation for Hashem yimkom damo, meaning “God should avenge his blood”; used as an appellation for someone who was murdered by anti-Semites

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