Welcome to Jewish Pathways!

Jewish Pathways will help you grow your knowledge of Judaism, both practically and philosophically. It will give you the basic tools to become a more understanding Jew, increasing your observance and improving your appreciation.

This brief guide will help you get started using the Pathways website. Either view the video below or read the read the remainder of this guide.

I signed up for a course. What happens now?

The courses are entirely self-study. They consist of text and/or video segments which you review on your own, on your own schedule and at your own convenience. You begin studying each course as soon as you are ready. There is no semester to wait for or instructor who must be on line to begin.

To access a course, simply click on it from the homepage, or (if you're not on the homepage) from the list of courses on the sidebar on the left side of the page.

When you navigate your browser to the course you are taking, the last class you studied in that course will be displayed right beneath the course title, making it easy to quickly get back to your studies.

In addition, the top of every page displays a link to the last class you visited (regardless of the course), also making it easy to get back to your current location.

What is the recommended way to study through a course?

Each course is divided into class segments, each segment focusing on a single topic, appropriately sized to be completed in a single study session. It is recommended that you spend two to three days on each class, especially the more technical ones, not attempting to cover the material too quickly.

Many of the classes are built upon one another. Do not move on to the next class until you have mastered the current one, and if relevant successfully passed its accompanying exam.

Each class contains convenient navigation buttons, allowing you to take the quiz for the class you have just completed or to navigate to the next class in the series.

For your convenience, the text segments of each class are available in PDF format, which may be printed out and studied at any time. Likewise, the entire list of PDF's, videos and audios for each course is listed on a separate page (the link to it may be found on the course's main page) for easy access.

Several of the courses contain quizzes on the class material. The quizzes are generally multiple choice, which enables the Pathways website to grade them automatically. Occasionally you will find a short-answer question. For those, just think through your answer to the question, or write it down elsewhere. When you are done, simply check the question's checkbox, and the question will automatically be graded as correct.

Note that Pathways tests can be retaken as needed (minimum 24 hours after their previous take). We only recommend doing so if you have further studied the material and feel more prepared to take the test.

How do I track my progress?

Pathways tracks your progress in each of the courses you are taking. When you go to your account page (you can find a link to it in the header section of every Pathways page), it will show how much of each course you have completed as a percentage. It will also show your quiz results and overall average.

Your quiz results and average also appear at the top of each course page.

Where do I go with questions or for additional guidance?

There are various "contact us" links and "help/questions" buttons throughout the site. Every class also has a comments form at the bottom. Any of these methods will get you in touch with a Jewish Pathways support representative, whether a course mentor or site administrator, depending on the nature of your request.

If you would like to contact a course advisor directly, send an email to support@jewishpathways.com. He or she will help recommend the courses and schedule most appropriate for you, based on your level, interests and time availability.

If you are interested in additional guidance in your studies, please visit here for one-on-one study opportunities. If appropriate, you will be set up with a study partner to study the topic of your choice.

There may also be study opportunities at a branch of Aish HaTorah near you. See this page for the complete list of Aish branches.

What happens when I complete a course?

When you have completed a course, Pathways lists it as complete. Although this is not an accredited program, you will know you have mastered the material - and you can review it further at any time.

So what am I waiting for?

Nothing, now is the time! Go to the Pathways homepage now and begin growing!

(Note that this guide is always reachable from the site. Links to it may be found on the menu on the left side of the page or, when on the homepage, from a link on the page footer.

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