The Way of G-d (Derech Hashem in Hebrew) was written in the 18th century by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (known famously by the acronym Ramchal). The Way of G-d is a highly systemized look at the basics of Jewish thought, including:

  • the existence of G-d
  • the nature of G-d
  • Divine providence
  • prophecy
  • the purpose of mitzvot
  • this world and the afterlife
  • the Jewish people among the nations

This 29-part course (with more to be added soon) will follow The Way of G-d in order, giving background and in-depth explanation. The course will put these philosophical ideas into context of our own lives, and into the bigger picture of creation. Video segments will supplement the written material.

Sample class

In going through The Way of G-d, this course will feature practical insights, as a way of improving our daily lives, and our relationships -- with others, with G-d, and with ourselves.

Lessons feature:

  • insights for integrating the teachings into everyday life
  • thought questions as a way to review the material and expand your thinking
  • skills and insights into reading the Ramchal's text
  • dynamic video segments


Rabbi Moshe Zeldman

Rabbi Moshe Zeldman did his undergraduate work in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, and has rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah. He lectures on a wide variety of Jewish topics at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, and to audiences around the world. He is also involved with research into hidden codes in the Torah. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife and their five children.


Each class features a dynamic essay that includes insights and “questions to think about.” These essays can be read online, or printed in a user-friendly PDF format. The course also includes dynamic video presentations.


Part One

  1. Introduction
  2. Belief and Knowledge
  3. The Infinite - see sample class
  4. Unimaginable Perfection
  5. First Cause
  6. The Big Bang
  7. Primal Existence
  8. Existence as an Act of Will
  9. The Unity Paradox
  10. No Conflicting Interests
  11. G-d's Expressions in This World
  12. Will We Ever Grasp G-d?
  13. Is G-d Spiritual?
  14. Review of Chapter One
  15. One, Not Two

Part Two

  1. The Purpose of Creation
  2. Created for Pleasure
  3. The Garden of Pleasure
  4. Why did G-d Create?
  5. The Ultimate Pleasure
  6. Emulating G-d
  7. Free Will
  8. The Pleasure of Choice
  9. A World of Choice
  10. Holding the Branch
  11. The Illusion of Imperfection
  12. Spiritual Metaphor
  13. Learning from Relationships
  14. Environmental Ethics

Sample class
Key features:
  • 29 class modules
  • 15 video presentations
  • Insights, practical applications, and "questions to think about"
  • User-friendly PDF printout of each class

Comprehensive online curriculum explores:
  • 29 class modules
  • 15 video presentations
  • Insights, practical applications, and "questions to think about"
  • User-friendly PDF printout of each class

Self-paced, easy-to-use modules:
  • Gives you complete  control over your learning schedule
  • Makes it easy to absorb new concepts and information
  • By popular author and lecturer, Rabbi Moshe Zeldman

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